Romeo and Juliet, Cinco de Mayo, Wolverine and Treasure…

So, I have been quite busy over the last couple weeks and I haven’t had a chance to post. This post is the abridged version of what I have been up to before and after my trip to Budapest.

Before we left for Budapest, Billy, Andrew, Sarah, Rebecca and I went to see a ballet. It was Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev is the guy who composed the music that Disney later used in the cartoon Peter and the Wolf. The ballet was absolutely beautiful. I have never been to a ballet before and I couldn’t believe how graceful and strong the dancers were. I was amazed at how the ballet can effectively and sympathetically tell a story through dance instead of dialogue. I’m looking forward to my next ballet!

The annual Stadtfest has been going on during last couple weeks in Vienna. Stadtfest literally means city party. So, there were a ton of booths up selling trinkets and Austrian food. It was a bit windy, so we didn’t stay long, but we tried some great food obviously. This time I had a sausage and I also bought a macaroon-like cookie on top of chocolate mousse on top of a wafer cookie and then dipped in chocolate. Sound good? It was. They also set up weird, neon yellow, hammock-like benches in the Museumsquartier for hanging out.

When we got back from Budapest it was Cinco de Mayo and, of course, we had to celebrate. So, I searched online for Mexican restaurants in Vienna and chose one of the two. It was kind of like a small version of Chipotle, but not nearly as good. At least it was Mexican food! Then we all headed over to the English movie theater and saw the new X Men movie, Wolverine. It was so good that we have been catching up on all the other X Men movies ever since.

Yesterday in art history we went to the Schatzkammer or the treasury. It is one of the largest treasuries in Europe. We saw the crown of the Holy Roman Empire and countless other jewels and royal robes. Aunt Louise would have loved to be there for a few reasons. One reason in particular is that there was a portrait of an Austrian duchess there who was named Mary Louise. After seeing her picture you can drool over her jewelery and a jewelry box that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to her. It’s been a fun couple of weeks!

Aunt Mary Louise of Austria

Aunt Mary Louise of Austria


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  1. MOM

    I don’t think I have ever seen Peter & the Wolf, Love it.

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