Parks and Pools

On Thursday we made our way to the Stadtpark (one of our favorite places) for Genussfest, which roughly translates to “enjoy party”. I don’t exactly know what kind of mental image you’ll get from that. Anyway, it’s a bunch of booths set up selling Austrian food, beer and wine. If there’s one thing I have learned about Austrians, it’s that they enjoy their festivals almost as much as they enjoy excuses to eat and drink Austrian specialties. So, Andrea and I went in on some Topfen cheese and olive bread to accompany the wine we bought in Dürnstein on our Wachau field trip.

This weekend was a fairly lazy one. I woke up late on Saturday and decided at the last minute to head to the small Austrian village of Baden bei Wien. Baden is famous for its many pools and natural hot springs. We decided to go to the cheaper of the three pool options, the Strandbad. It has a sandy beach, two hot tubs, a lazy river and two water slides. We spent the whole day enjoying the sun and playing in the water. In the evening we leisurely strolled through the park on our way back to the Straßenbahn station. We found out that there are some old ruins just outside of the town. So, we are hoping to go back to Baden very soon to go hiking out to the ruins and to try out the other pools there.

That night Billy, Andrea, Joseph and I went to the monthly couchsurfing event called the Stammtisch hoping to meet some Viennese. Unfortunately there were so many couchsurfers and it was so loud that I only had time to introduce them to the few people I already knew, namely Meghan, Matthias and Doris. Oh well! There’s always next month.

On Sunday I spent some time catching up on emails and wishing Mom a Happy Mother’s Day. In the afternoon Andrea and I took the U-Bahn to Alte Donau on the other side of the Danube river. There was a large park there filled with families riding bikes, having picnics and all around celebrating Mother’s Day. It made me miss my own family. It also made me consider buying rollerblades. It’s been so long, but I remember it being so much fun! After I got home Mom had sent me an email about Aunt Pat. She hurt her back recently and I guess there were some complications with her medicine. Aunt Louise found her and she went to the hospital. Right now Aunt Pat is staying with cousin Rick and has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.


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  1. yeah, hopefully they come to the next one too!

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