Birthdays and the coming of Summer

The end of May holds a lot of birthdays for our group. So far we have celebrated Andrew’s birthday with an Indian dinner and Billy’s birthday with the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for lunch and burritos for dinner. Then we headed out to Club Loco and Ride Club. Tomorrow is Amanda’s birthday and we will go out to dinner as soon as she gets back from Dublin. Then Michelle will be turning 20 to end our May birthday spree.

We also had another cooking night at IKI. This time we made things that I can’t remember the name of. I asked Sara to remind me, but she hasn’t replied yet. In any case, we made a savory soup with bits of pancake in it. Sounds gross, but trust me, it’s so good. The main dish was a noodle thing with cheese and ham, kind of like a casserole. We made Sommersalat again, too. For desert we had crepes filled with various toppings like strawberries, nutella or apricot preserves. Yum! I think they’re called Palatschinken in German.

Reflection of Karlskirche or St. Charles' Church in a pond

Reflection of Karlskirche or St. Charles' Church in a pond

In art history class last week, we visited a church I have been dying to see, Karlskirche. It’s a Baroque church just down the street from my dorm. On the inside they have an elevator that takes you up to the bottom of the dome where you can see all the frescos. Then you can climb the stairs to the tip top of the dome and get a 360-degree view of Vienna. It was amazing, but also very high up. I think Mom would have died when the stairs would shake. Here’s a view from below, looking at the elevator shaft and the platform at the bottom of the dome.

The path up the dome

The path up the dome

As for summer, Vienna is beginning to get quite warm and we’ve been enjoying the sunshine by visiting the Altedonaustrandbad and swimming in the river. Another common summer pastime is to visit the Prater, an amusement park here in Vienna. On Thursday Andrea and I met up with my roommate Diana and the two kids she was babysitting. Diana is afraid of roller coasters, but the kids aren’t allowed to go on them alone. So Andrea and I came to the rescue. Little did we know that a few of the rides are a bit much and made us (particularly Andrea) feel like puking. I powered through so that 9-year-olds Sasha and Anna didn’t miss out on the fun.

Now I am doing a bit of planning for my upcoming travels. Hallie has decided to come visit and I will meet her in Copenhagen next weekend. Then on July 5th I will be traveling to Greece with my roommate because she will be performing in a guitar festival there. However, I don’t know what to do with my time between getting out of school on June 28th and arriving in Greece on July 5th. Perhaps you could help me decide by voting here:



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2 responses to “Birthdays and the coming of Summer

  1. MOM

    Glad you took pictures, because you would never get me up that high and on unstable stairs! Also glad to hear you are having fun and seeing the sights. Love ya MOM

  2. maybe i should go into karlskirche someday.

    and i think berlin is great if you’ve never been there. but then again, czech republic is cool too.

    and really, vienna is awesome as well. you’ll have all the couchsurfers to hang out with so you wouldn’t actually be alone dude.

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