Bye Mai

The last week of May in Vienna is also my last week of German classes. Our teacher from Seattle, Verena arrived and we met her in the Museums Quartier for a drink. During June she will be teaching a Cultural Studies class about the Americanization of Austria. She said it would be a lot of hard work, but I am excited about it.

Last weekend many of the other students were out of town, leaving Andrew, Rebecca and me alone in Vienna. We made the best of it by meeting up and going to the Brunnenmarkt together. We bought fruits, vegetables and bread for cheap. That night we got together and made some of the best food. Rebecca prepared curry lentils while Andrew and I whipped up a delicious fruit salad. I also made Sommersalat. We atea delicious meal while watching the Little Mermaid. (In preparation for my trip to Copenhagen, capital of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.)

After people returned from their weekend excursions, Andrea, Joseph and I decided to climb up the tower of Stephansdom, the main cathedral in Vienna. It was a bit of a disappointment because the top is just a room with four windows looking north, south, east and west. I did get some good pictures of the city and the colorful roof though. For example, this photo looking west shows the Haas Haus in the bottom left and many of Vienna’s churches.

Looking west from Stephansdom's tower

Looking west from Stephansdom's tower

On Monday, my roommate Diana invited everyone on my study abroad program to her classical guitar recital at school. Andrew, Ethan, Billy, Andrea and I met up near Stephansdom to walk to her school. Only the best students at her school performed, including her friend Vasile that I had previously met. Her performance was amazing! Here is a video of my favorite song. Please excuse my shakey hands!

Later that week we visited the Belvedere with our art history class. The Belvedere is a Baroque palace built for the war general that helped Austria defeat the Turks and protect the the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now it is a beautiful museum built to house the general’s art collection and the Austrian collection. We focused on the architecture and Biedermeyer art, but we will be returning to see art around 1900 (the stuff I’m interested in). Can’t wait!

Art History class with Dr. O in the Belvedere

Art History class with Dr. O in the Belvedere



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3 responses to “Bye Mai

  1. yay art history!!….and apparently i have another friend who is an art history major and i didn’t even know it…

  2. MOM

    My gosh your roommate is soooo good!

  3. Cierra

    Hans Christian Andersen? Oh my gosh he’s amazing!!! =D

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