Reunion in Fairytaleland

This past weekend I had a bit of a Seattle reunion in Copenhagen, Denmark. My friend Max and I worked together at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. His mom is Danish, so he has dual citizenship. When he graduated from college and couldn’t find a good job in Seattle, he decided to give Copenhagen a chance, packed up all his stuff and bought a plane ticket. So, when Hallie asked if I wanted to meet up with her in Copenhagen, I said, “Of course and I might know a place where we can stay!”

Max's neighborhood, Christianhavn

Max's neighborhood, Christianhavn

We had a bit of a rough start because my plane was delayed 3 hours, which meant I wasn’t at the station when Hallie and I agreed to meet. But after I called Max and we rescued Hallie, we settled in at Max’s place. That night Max took us to a district of Copenhagen called Christiania. Apparently it used to be deserted army barracks that a bunch of hippies took over in the 60s. After we walked through Christiania, Max took us to his “backyard” to watch the sunset over the canal.

We got a lot of sleep that night and went on a walk through the city the next morning. We walked to the Kastellet and visited St. Charles church and the only Episcopal church in Denmark. Max met up with us and we went to visit the Little Mermaid statue. Hans Christian Andersen is Danish, so Copenhagen is filled with sculptures referencing his fairy tales. The Little Mermaid is by far the most famous, probably due to Disney, but apparently the Andersen version is a lot different than the Ariel we know and love.

Hallie and I at the Little Mermaid statue

Hallie and I at the Little Mermaid statue

After the Little Mermaid, we enjoyed a hot dog from one of Copenhagen’s famous “sausage wagons”. After our bellies were full, Max took us to the bar/cafe that he works at and made us a cup of coffee. Then Hallie and I got down to business and did some shopping on Støget, the longest pedestrian street in Europe. That night Max and his roommate Oliver took us out to Max’s bar and all around town and we stayed out until the sun rose!

The next day we were obviously exhausted, but we pushed ourselves for the sake of sightseeing. First we headed downtown for another one of those hot dogs and we happened upon a parade! There were dancers and drummers and people dressed up, but we needed to get on our way. We took the train out to Humlebæk where the Louisiana Museum had a Max Ernst exhibition. After the museum we took the train a little farther to Helsingor because we wanted to visit the castle that inspired Shakespear’s Hamlet. Unfortunately, by the time we made it up to the castle, it was 15 minutes from closing. So, we didn’t get to go inside, but we enjoyed some ice cream in the courtyard and laid out in the sun just outside the castle’s moat with a view of the ocean. We had smorrebrød for dinner, which is an open-face sandwich. Then we headed back to Max’s place and called it a night because I had to wake up early to catch my plane.

It was so nice seeing Hallie and Max; I miss them so much! For the next couple weeks Hallie will be traveling around Scandinavia before coming to Vienna to visit me. See you soon, Hallie!


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