Step One: Panic

After a long night on the ferry without much sleep, we were welcomed on to Santorini Island by a bunch of hotel lures trying to bargain with us for a room. It was a bit intimidating for me, so instead of getting a room like we should have, I convinced Joey to take the bus into town. However, before we got on the bus, shocker #2 came. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but Billy and his brother at a café by the port. They were taking the next ferry out to Ios. It is such a shock to see someone you know in so remote a place. As Joey and I got on the bus, the shock, intimidation and lack of sleep combined into tears. My bad.

So, Joey bargained for a room when we arrived in the town of Fira. After we settled in, we headed out again to explore the city. We walked along Fira’s cobblestone paths for the entire length of the city, enjoying the views from Santorini’s cliffs and wishing our hotel had a pool. In the evening, we watched the sunset and marveled at how the fog swallowed up the city.

Exploring Fira, Santorini

Exploring Fira, Santorini

Step Two: Twist

The next day Joey and I bought tickets for a cruise around the island. Unfortunately, I must have twisted my ankle on the cobblestones the day before. I woke up with a swollen right ankle, but we already bought our tickets, so we pressed on. Our first stop was the volcanic crater. Santorini used to be part of a large round island created by a hot spot, but the volcano blew a while back leaving the two outer edges of the former island (Thirassia and Santorini) and a small desolate island with the crater intact. It is here that I realized the gravity of my ankle pain. So, Joey and I were unable to hike all the way to the crater.
The next stop was the hot springs on the other side of the crater. Joey is not much of a swimmer, so I enjoyed the hot springs alone, swimming about in water warmer (believe it or not) than the burning air. Then our little boat took us to the island of Thirassia, mainly a farming island. Joey and I opted out of the steep switchback path up to the main city and instead we enjoyed a leisurely dinner and played around in the water at the beach. After a couple hours our boat picked us up and took us home. What a full day!

On the boat with Oia, Santorini in the background.

On the boat with Oia, Santorini in the background.

The next day we checked out of our hotel and could not find a place to store our luggage, so we lingered at a café having brunch and writing post cards. Finally, it was time to catch our Ferry to Naxos.


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