One Week of Alonliness

Get ready for the lamest blog post ever posted. There’s really not much to say for this week. (Feel free to stop reading here. It won’t hurt my feelings.)

My First Week Alone in Rome:

Joey left bright and early on Thursday the 20th. He’s home safe and sound now, but he left his favorite shirt here. I wore it today when we skyped to make him jealous!
Since he left, I’ve pretty much been relaxing, cleaning, watching Star Trek and Lost and taking care of the doorman Roberto’s cat while he’s on vacation. Nothing too eventful. The one thing I am super proud of is that I only spent 3.50 euro the whole week. Along with the program welcome dinners and free grub from Roberto, this has been the least expensive week the entire six months I have been in Europe. Guaranteed.
I have been working quite a bit lately with the new groups arriving. Last night we had a faculty welcome party with hor d’ourves on the patio of the penthouse apartment. (Oooh, that sounds awesome.) I was schmoozing and got myself invited to some more free dinners and field trips. Woo!
For now, that is all.
Things to look forward to:
Leisha moves in later today.
I start private Italian lessons with Federica on Monday.



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2 responses to “One Week of Alonliness

  1. MOM

    Wasn’t to bad of a blog, better than what I could do. Saving money is always a good thing.

  2. Liv

    yay for new roomies! 🙂

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