Part II: As Amerrrican as we can get.


To welcome me home, my parents decided to take me out to dinner when I arrived on Friday night. At 5:00 pm we drove up to the nearest Indian casino for the seafood buffet. My dad, dressed in his Ronald Reagan tee shirt and matching hunter’s camo pants and hat, proceeded to slurp down two full plates of raw oysters before following it up with various other shellfish and cheesecake.


Other than that, I just slept off my Seattle exhaustion and celebrated the holidays with the fam.

For Mom, the other 364 days are just build up.

Last Tuesday I headed down to Seattle with the intention of picking up my study visa from the Italian consulate. Instead I had lunch at a wonderful restaurant with one of my favorite people, Hallie, and her amazing mother. Delish! We also picked out some hot red heels for Hallie’s sister… so I bought them for myself as well. After that, I did a little shopping and catching up with Joanna, who I haven’t seen in years. God, it’s been too long. I finished the evening with my final sushi meal of the trip shared with Leilani.

In a couple of days I was back in San Francisco. This time with my parents. We met up with Leilani at the De Young museum in Golden Gate park so that we could see the King Tut exhibition. Amazing! Even though I don’t study Egyptian art, I saw a few things I remember from survey classes four years ago. The memories just came rushing back to me. After I said my goodbyes to Mom and Dad, Leilani and I picked up my visa, ate at the amazing Mexican restaurant in her hometown and then got ready for our big city New Year’s Eve. God, what a night! Believe it or not, the club’s “theme” for the night was Ancient Rome. No joke! They even had a cardboard cut-out of the Colosseum. Rome, once it gets a hold of you,  you can’t escape it!

Leilani at the "Colisseum"



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2 responses to “Part II: As Amerrrican as we can get.

  1. Liv

    red heels!! woah!!

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