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Turning 22 Internationally

Ah, turning twenty two in another country has its ups and downs. It offers  cool, unique birthday experiences, but it inherently lacks some of your favorite people. You know who you are and I want to start out by saying, I miss you and I wish you could have been there!

“I’ve got the golden ticket.” Because Mia had to work on my actual birthday, we started the celebration on the 23rd. Mia, Leisha and I had a girls-only outing to the dance floor. I’d like to say that we danced out hearts out. After all the dancing we headed to Anthony’s apartment to hang out for a bit.

We put the birth in birthday. When I got to the office the next day, I found out that my boss, Jennifer had taken the day off because her friend went into labor and she wanted to be there for the birth. Unfortunately, the baby wasn’t born until the 25th. How lame. I was hoping we could share a birthday. So, Jennifer missed our little office party complete with cake, juice and other snacks.

How to create a tradition from Schramme. Last year for my 21st birthday, we all went to dinner at Schultzy’s, the German restaurant on the Ave, which was very fitting because my birthday falls on Oktoberfest. This year, Leisha found an Austrian restaurant in Rome. When I told Sheryl, one of my coworkers, where we were going for dinner, she said, “Oh, haha, that place is… fun.” Understandably, that worried me. After Leisha, Anthony, Dominique, Rain and I rushed to meet Ben there for our reservation, we understood what Sheryl meant. The place is decorated like a traditional Heurige with a Nouveau/Mod twist. For example, the walls are decorated with antlers painted white. It was so wonderful to be eating Weisswurst, Sauerkraut and Wiener Schnitzel again. YUM! I think I will have to make a tradition out of eating German/Austrian food on my birthday.

After dinner we walked towards the Trevi Fountain to have dessert at San Crispino gelateria. I never get to eat here because Leisha likes Giolitti’s gelato better. After the typical birthday photo shoot at the Trevi (as a shout out to Hallie, of course) it was time to move on to phase two of the birthday celebrations.

Ben, Leisha, Dominique, Anthony, Rain and I at the Trevi Fountain

Ben, Leisha, Dominique, Anthony, Rain and I at the Trevi Fountain

Sharing my birthday with Ireland’s pride and joy. Next we headed to Scholar’s lounge, an Irish pub near home to have the “beer of the week” where we met up with Lauren and Lucas. Due to the fact that it was Guiness’s 250th birthday, the place was packed. They were handing out free tee shirts and you had the chance to win a free key chain every time you ordered a Guiness. The best part, however, was the Irish band, which started to play the happy birthday song to Guiness while my friends filled in the blank with “Rae” instead. We finished up the night chatting at the students’ apartment. It was a lovely birthday indeed.

Lily let me down. As an extended part of my birthday (or really just because it was free) Leisha, Mia and I went to Piazza del Popolo for MTV’s Summer Song concert. The top 15 artists of the summer sing one song each and at the end everyone votes for the best song of the summer. I was really excited because Lily Allen was supposed to be there and her song Not Fair got stuck in my head all summer. Unfortunately, Lily decided that she wanted to focus on her acting career and would not be performing anymore. Bummer. It was still quite entertaining though. We felt kind of old next to the teeny-boppers yelling “Ti amo!” at the boy bands and “Ciao” at the camera. Nevertheless, it was still a good (and free) time. Here’s a medley of clips from our favorite songs of the night:

And that is the end of my 22nd birthday.

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Letzte Woche

My Last Week in Vienna:

After getting home from Salzburg we went straight to Centimeter to meet up with Billy. He got out of the hospital on Saturday and wasn’t able to come on our class trip. He had his appendix removed and he is doing much better now.

On Monday I finished up my project for Cultural studies class. Each of us were assigned a different district of Vienna. I explored Vienna’s 16th District, Ottakring. I decided to make a video using the photo burst function on my camera. So, this video is like a flip book of still shots or a really fast slide show. The song I chose was Matt Costa’s Vienna. To watch my video click here.

I also had my presentation for art history this week. We went to the Secession building just down the street from my dorm and I talked about Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze. Here is part of the panel entitled Hostile Forces:

Klimt's Beethoven Frieze at the Secession

Klimt's Beethoven Frieze at the Secession

After my presentation, we took the bus to Hundertwasser Haus for our final art history excursion. It was so amazing. I wish it wasn’t raining so hard, so we could have explored more. It’s just a normal apartment complex, but the architecture is wacky and colorful. Michelle said the architect, Hundertwasser, hated straight lines. Even the floor was uneven. After art history, I had my last night with Sasha as a nanny. Wooooooooo!

On Wednesday we had our final day of Cultural Studies class. Verena’s mom came to talk to us about her experiences growing up during WWII and during the Allied occupation of Vienna. She told a cute story about receiving chocolates from American GIs on her walk to school. That night we all met up for dinner at a traditional Austrian Keller before running to the opera house so we wouldn’t miss the show. This time, the opera was paid for by our program and we saw Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute). We learned about this opera in German 103, but this version was very modern. The whole opera took place within a white gridded cube. Some of the grids were trap doors, pedestals, windows, etc. There were also some quite funny animals in the opera.

Since then I have been trying to pack and eat as much Asian food as I can before getting to Italy. I had Chinese with Andrea on Wednesday, Japanese with Sarah, Rebecca and Billy on Thursday, and all-you-can-eat Asian buffet with Diana on Friday.

Friday night we had our farewell dinner at a Heurige in Grinzing. We were short a few people (Joseph, Amanda, Kirstin, Sara, and Ina), but we were joined by 30 IKI students from North Carolina. It was wonderful to be able to say goodbye to all our teachers and to the office staff at IKI. It was also wonderful to enjoy some free traditional Austrian food. (I needed a change from Asian.) That night we gave Dr. O, our art history teacher, a scarf and a card and she just about cried. It was so cute.

At the Heurige with Dr. O

At the Heurige with Dr. O

Anyway, I should finish packing and say goodbye to Vienna. 😦 I take the train tonight to Berlin.


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There are no kangaroos in Austria.

It is now the end of my first week in Vienna. I arrived last Saturday afternoon when the sun was shining. That night I stayed with my friend Doris. She also had three guys from the east coast visiting her. Doris took us all to a 1920s themed party at a museum. Apparently it was the Technical Museum’s 100th anniversary. Doris dressed up in true 1920s style and I did my best with what I had in my suitcase. At the door they handed out TanzKarte or dance cards. In the 1920s women would carry these cards around and men would ask them to dance. If the women wanted to dance then they would write the man’s name down. For example: Waltz Benjamin There we met an old couple who teach dance lessons. I learned the charlston and the foxtrot. It was so much fun! Afterwards Doris, a bunch of her friends and I went out to Ost Klub to listen to Balkan music. So interesting! The next morning Doris had made a huge breakfast for us with scrambled eggs, fruit and semmeln (bread rolls). After breakfast Doris, her friend and I went to the Wien Museum to see an exhibition about imagining travel in 19th-century Vienna. It reminded me of the many things I learned in my “Representations of Others in the 19th Century” course I took last quarter.

Later that day I met up with the other students in my program and we stayed at a hostel for a couple nights.

On Monday I had my oral placement test at school so they could put me in the right German class. After the tests our teachers led us on a hike around the Nußdorfer wine country where we stopped at a place in the woods that inspired Beethoven’s music and we sang a bit of his Ninth Symphony. Here is our group photo by the Beethoven monument:

Vienna Spring 2009 Students Singing Beethoven

Vienna Spring 2009 Students Singing Beethoven

We ended the night at a Heurige or wine garden where I ate schnitzl and drank Almdudler.

The next day we had a historical tour around the inner city to orient us. At night we were able to move into our dorms. The room is so nice, but also very bland. All my sheets, walls and furniture are white. My roommate Diana is from Romania and she is in Vienna studying classical music. The first night she made me a Romanian dessert soup which tasted like a cinnamon roll in cold, liquid form.

Classes started on Wednesday. I love my teacher and Rebecca from my program is in my class. IKI offers classes to people from all over the world; USA, France, Philipines, Taiwan, Japan, Ukraine, Croatia, and Korea are all represented by the ten people in my level. On Thursday we had our first Art History class, which I am looking forward to.

Today we are planning on visiting Schönbrunn for the annual Easter market and getting together to make plans for a weekend trip to Croatia for some sun and fun. (Not that it isn’t 75 and sunny here in Vienna.)

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