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Stress, Food, Stress, Food…

This month has really been a crazy one, full of excitement, full of stress, full of food.

After Dan and Oana left I began cramming for the GRE, which I took on Monday. It went alright. I did surprisingly well on the math part (I’m good at guessing), but not as well as I would have liked to on the verbal portion. I find out my essay score via mail sometime next week. I need to get my act together so that I can apply to grad schools in December.

Other than that, I have had three more visitors in the eternal city. Kessler Dixon (no relation) and his girlfriend Laurel were in town. Unfortunately, I was so busy with the GRE that we were only able to meet up once for beers at Bar Trilussa. We had a great time complaining about/loving art history and all things Star Trek. Really, I don’t know how any conversation at Trilussa would be complete without it. Actually, earlier that week I met up with one of Danny and Hallie’s friends, Adam, at Trilussa and we argued over which Star Trek was superior, TNG or Voyager. Is there really any contest? PATRICK STEWART.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. So, my third, or rather fourth visitor was Steve Bunn. He’s a doctoral student at UW and he was in Europe pretending to do research. I took him to one of the best gelato hot spots in Rome, Gelato del Teatro, and we walked along the river before having dinner in Trastevere. Yay for visitors!

However, one of my favorite things from the last month was when the ex-director of the Rome Center, Trina, took the office staff out for lunch at a place called Bleve. It is a beautiful restaurant located at the old Medici family stables with a wine cellar larger than my family home. The Medici stables were built on top of ancient Roman ruins (as is everything in the city). When the restaurant decided to expand/remodel their cellar, the construction team discovered a completely intact tufa wall beneath the restaurant. Trina asked our waiter if we could see it and he took us down into the wine cellar for a private viewing of the beautiful stones. I wish I knew something about wine because there were floor-to-ceiling racks of vintage bottles. So cool!

Moving on to the food part, Sunday night the Art program had a potluck complete with burgers and oreos. Can you tell that they’re getting a little homesick? After dinner they held a contest for the best photo from their recent field trip to Sicily. Here’s the winner submitted by Ashton:

Photo by Ashton

On Monday the Food and Culture program had their final projects due. They had to prepare an artisanal dish completely from scratch. For example, Desiree made chesnut loaves and she went to a chesnut orchard and picked, shelled and ground the chesnuts herself. Coral made olive oil and picked the olives herself as well. Some of my other favorites were lamb, polenta and a huge assortment of desserts. Puff pastries, mmmmm.

It was not the end of my over-eating, however. This whole week I have been going crazy trying to plan a Thanksgiving feast for over 70 people: all the students and faculty from three programs and their guests. It all came together last night. Dinner was both beautiful and delicious with very few mishaps. I brought Roberto, the doorman a plate complete with all your Thanksgiving classics. He then asked what stuffing was and we had an interesting five-minute conversation about that… After stuffing ourselves, the Food program and I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to get us in the holiday spirit. It was a success! Here are a few photos from the night:

Beautiful Dining Room Pre-Dinner

Desiree filling her plate buffet-style

Chaos in the "Dessert Room"

So, I only have one week left in Rome and I have tons of Christmas shopping to do. Happy holidays and see you soon!


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Winding down from Summer

I have been very busy over the past two weeks as Rome has finally begun to cool off. The weather is starting to feel like fall and we’ve had our fair share of thunderstorms.

The last two weeks have also been the final two weeks of the early fall start programs. Last Saturday I watched the final videos from the Cinema Studies program. The five films covered a wide range of skill, genre, theme and mood. One of my favorites was a film constructed like a parody of a “behind the scenes”/making of a hit blockbuster. They even used the vans from when Julia Roberts was filming as props. One of my favorite scenes from a different film takes place in front of the Colosseum with two girls reenacting a gladiatorial combat and a random Asian lady spontaneously joins in with kung fu moves. Hilarious! I wish I had the links to share with you.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time with the friends I’ve made from the Design and LSJ programs, particularly Ben, Anthony and Rain. Last week Leisha and I went over to the design students’ apartment for a pot luck where I met Ben’s girlfriend, Kristen. Kristen and Ben remind us so much of Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. They’re too cute! They even have their own joint blog that Ben designed, of course. Anthony has been my LSJ gossip informant sharing the scoop over glasses of wine. He’s going to come back to visit me this Sunday! Over the past couple weeks Rain and I went back to the Porta Portese market in the rain making some excellent discount purchases, found ingredients to make some Asian noodle creation from scratch, treated ourselves to McDonalds way too often, and nerded it up with some Star Trek TNG while downing cracker after cracker with cheese on top.

Crazy Roma Fans

Crazy Roma Fans

On Sunday a group of the LSJ students, Leisha, Mia and I went to the Rome vs. Florence soccer game at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome. It was a cultural studies lesson for sure. When we arrived, there were people in our seats and I politely asked them to move and they laughed at us. When we talked to one of the guards, he just told us to sit somewhere else. Later when I watched a man break his leg right before my eyes, I realized that the guards are there to call ambulances, not to help the poor little American girl get her rightful seat back. Soccer fans are CRAZY. At one point fireworks started going off in the stands and then people started rushing in, hopping walls and yelling. When the fireworks went off, Corddaryl yelled, “Run!” We were kind of caught off guard, so he explained: “If the Romans run that way, we need to go the other way!” It really wasn’t that serious at all, but funny in retrospect. One of the best parts about the game was getting a beer and a hot dog. Now that’s what I call some sort of sports event. Rome won 3 to 1 and everyone celebrated on the bus ride home by singing victory songs and pounding on the bus windows. I was a bit worried, but the LSJ kids and I made it home safely.

Cory Rain and I rocking Roma Gear

Cory Rain and I rocking Roma Gear

It has been a pleasure getting to know all the students and I am so sad to see them go. Separation anxiety, here I come. Maybe we can all meet up again over Christmas break!

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Another Visitor, Another Roommate

Recently I got back in contact with some friends I met in high school when I went to Northern Ireland for the summer. I found out that my friend Andrew Hamilton had been studying in Poland for the last few months. He was planning to do a bit of interailing this summer and when he found out that I was in Vienna, he made sure to come visit. So, Andrew arrived just hours after sending Hallie on her way back to the U.S. We were both surprised when we arrived back at my place to find out that my “extra bed” that I had offered Andrew was already occupied. Surprise! New roommate. They had told Diana when she moved out that I wouldn’t have another roommate, so I wasn’t prepared. Oh well. She seems nice. Her name is Paulina. She’s from Canada and she’s here for the summer to study music.

After figuring things out a bit, I had to, unfortunately, do homework. So, Andrew explored the city on his own using the map I gave him. Hours later he came home and we hung out in Billy and Joseph’s room until Billy got home from Scotland. Then we went to bed and Andrew slept on my floor (poor guy).

Andrew and I at Schönbrunn

Andrew and I at Schönbrunn

The next morning Andrea and I took Andrew to Schönbrunn Palace. That makes twice in one week. Except this time we explored the gardens more than I have in the past. Then I had to say goodbye to Andrew because I had to go to class and he would be leaving that night while I was nannying. During class Billy left early for a doctor’s appointment to check up on his appendix. They decided surgery was necessary and took out his appendix that night. His parents flew his brother in and we all went to go see him at the hospital the next day. I brought him plenty of Star Trek episodes to watch, but he still hasn’t gotten to them yet. That night Verena’s sister Marion gave us an architectural tour of Vienna–entirely in German. We started at the UNO city and got to go up to the top floor of one of the buildings to overlook the whole city. It was beautiful! This photo taken from the top of the building looks toward the city center. The large street that crosses the bridge continues through the to the other side of the city and our dorm lies only two blocks off this main street.

The View from UNO City

The View from UNO City

The tour ended at the Museums Quartier where the Architecture Center of Vienna was having a small party with cheap hot dogs and cheap beer. My new roommate Paulina and Billy’s brother Ben met us there. After spending some time at the architecture party, we moved to the center of the MQ so that Ben and Paulina could get the full MQ experience.

The next morning after visiting Billy again, I headed out to the 16th district to get more footage for my district project. I walked through the graveyard and tried to make it up to the palace, but I didn’t have time. I had to head back to the city center because we had a tour at the Jewish Museum. Our tour guide was interesting….. abrasive is probably a better word. She was trying to get us to interact and discuss, but it just wasn’t working. She showed us a screen print of some guy and we had to guess who it was. After minutes of awkward silence and forced guesses, she told us who this obscure Viennese Jewish man was and was appalled when we had never heard of him. I guess I just don’t know enough about Jewish culture. Note to self: Fix that.

This morning Andrea, Sarah, Joseph and I tried to go on a tour of the Ottakringer Brewery, but we misunderstood the website. Tours are offered daily, but you have to schedule one. So, we went to a Bier Garten instead and drank some Ottakringer and ate some delicious food.

Now it’s time to watch the Sound of Music before heading to Salzburg tomorrow morning. I’ve never seen it before!

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