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Home Sweet Rome

Monday was the 40 year anniversary of man walking on the moon, so Rome had a festival called “La luna ha quaranta anni” (The moon is 40 years old). In Piazzo del Popolo they set up a huge stage and there was a big sphere in the center of it that they lit up to look like the moon. When Leisha and I first got there, a group of scientists were on stage discussing something… the moon probably. (My Italian skills are sub-par when it comes to scientific discussion.) They also played some of the original footage from Apollo 11.

Scientists playing footage from Apollo 11 at La Luna festival

Scientists playing footage from Apollo 11 at La Luna festival

After that Moby, yes the real Moby, gave a concert for free! It was amazing. The next day Leisha and I told our dads about it and they were both appalled that Italy would have a bigger anniversary celebration for Apollo 11 than the U.S. I guess Italians will use any excuse to have a party.

Here is a video I took during the concert:

And because the sound is absolutely horrible, here is the real music video for the same song:

Tuesday was my first day being the intern all alone. No more training. It went smoothly, of course. That afternoon I was able to move into my new apartment and I spent the whole day unpacking in the heat. One of my favorite things about the apartment: My dishwasher.

Since then, Leisha and I have been exploring Rome in the evenings when it’s cool out. I’ve visited the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, etc. We also visited the street-fair-type festival down on the banks of the river and started watching La Dolce Vita. I also happened upon a photo shoot, which was cool.

A photoshoot for something...

A photoshoot for something...

For right now I’m just settling in to the job, to my apartment, to Rome. I’m also planning a trip back to Vienna to sort out some visa things and visit Paige who is studying there right now.


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Home Sweet Home

Well, I have great news. I have been assigned to a dorm in Vienna. So, now you can all check out where I will be living. I will be in a double room in a dorm for students called Schäffergasse just a few blocks from my school. Click here for a map of the location. I am very excited to be living here because it is very close to the Naschmarkt, Vienna’s colorful oldest outdoor market. I found this video on YouTube featuring photos from Naschmarkt (If my computer skills have failed me and the embedding doesn’t work, you can click on this link to see the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLTbrUEdeuE):

My dorm is also close to the Secession, the exhibition hall for Avant-Garde artists at the turn of the century, such as Gustav Klimt.

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907-1908.

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907-1908.

My dorm is also close to the popular 5th district nightlife around Schleifmuehlgasse and to the Opera House.  I’ll let you know if I end up seeing any shows at the Opera!

I recently received an email from my good friend Olivia. She just left this week to spend a few months in India. She has arrived safely and is experiencing a bit of culture shock, but is excited to be starting her journey in the (humid) city of Delhi!

Well, that is all for today. My tasks in the next few weeks are to nurse this cold I caught, write my paper, get my Italian study visa, and visit with my friends and family before I go. Hope to hear from you soon!


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